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Herbal Hyperacidity Treatment for Curing Peptic Ulcer Disease

Herbal | Hyperacidity treatment | Peptic ulcer disease
Dear herbalist, I am a girl and I have several health problems. I have an stomach ulcer disease and pain on my chest. I have been with this ulcer disease for five years and it is getting worse and worse. Besides, I often feel pain in the gut if I am full. Sometimes, I feel the shortness of breath and my stomach feels hot. It often happens that after I eat, my tongue feels cracked and burnt. I feel suffocated and hurt when I swallow any food. Three months ago, when my ulcer worsen, I let out sputum mixed with thick blood. It happened three times. I often get fatigue, my legs get sore and tired easily. I have seen a doctor and he said that my heart and lungs are just fine.

What I want to ask you is that why does my chest hurt so often? Is there any relationship between pain on my chest with the ulcer that I have? Or is there possibly a complication with the heart? After I consume the medicine given by the doctor, the pain is gone, but when the medicine runs out, it gets worse. My weight has been decreased. Now I am 44 kg, while previously I was 52 kg.

On April 2011, I went to other doctor and he said that I have a goiter. I took a medicine to cure it for six months and it worsens my stomach. Please explain to me about what I suffered from and what herbal medication should I take. Thank you very much for the help.

Herbal | Peptic Ulcer Disease

Heartburn is a disease that disrupts the function of digestive system, that is stomach and duodenum. Symptoms of gastric disorders caused by heartburn are usually nausea and ache, either before of after eating. Those symptoms are often accompanied by nausea and loss of appetite. These gastric disorders is mostly caused by irregular eating patterns. It makes the gastric enzyme increases, leading to infection and psychological problems. From the symptoms that you have, it can be concluded that the heartburn that you felt is caused by hyperacidity or eating late. Empty stomach generates friction between the stomach walls and it wounds the wall. As the result, there is an excess of gastric acid. This condition may get worse if the sufferer have psychological problems such as stress over work, environment, or other problems that are unsolved.

Gastric wall friction may wound the gastric walls. If this continues for a long time, it affects the function of other organs such as small intestine and colon and may lead to infection. Irritated intestine will disrupt the function of its enzyme. If this happens, there will be infection; pancreas disorder; and liver, spleen, and bile duct malnutrition. This can disrupt the function of the kidney that accumulates the salt and toxin inside the body. At this phase, the sufferers will often feel hot on their stomach, pain in the gut and spleen. The sufferers will also feel heavy on the chest and get headache because there are tension on the nerve as the result of the disorder functions of some organs. Gastric acid, enzyme, and germs accumulate and spread, and go up the throat that causes ulcer and irritation. If it continues, there will be infection and bleeding indicated by the discharge of mucus mixed with blood. These are the ulcer and irritation that makes the throat sore, cracked tongue, and bitter saliva. These cause the sufferers loss of appetite.

herbal medicine | peptic ulcer disease
herbal remedies | peptic ulcer disease

To solve this problem, some treatments need to be carried out to make the herbal medication works. The treatments are have enough rest (sleep for 8 hours a day); train yourself to think and act calmly; face the life as it is – without the tension and stress; don’t leave your stomach empty for a long time and don’t eat too much; for the time being, eat soft food; eat less vegetables containing gas; avoid too spicy food; and don’t consume alcohol, thick tea, broth, and drinks containing soda.

To lessen the pain on the stomach, consume herbal plants that are effective as antiphlogistic, antiseptic, antidotum, and anti-inflammatory, that can decrease the acid concentration in the stomach. The following are the herbal plants that you can use:

1. Kacang Hijau or Green Mung Beans (Phaseolus radiatus) = 50 grams.

2. Watermelon Flesh (Citrullus vulgaris) = 40 grams.

3. Kencur or Lesser Galangal (Kaempferia galanga) = 20 grams.

4. Temulawak (Curcuma xanthorrhiza ROXB.) = 20 grams.

5. Papaya flowers (Carica papaya L.) = 5 petals.

Herbal | Green mung beans | Phaseolus radiatus
Herbal medicinal | watermelon | citrullus vulgaris
Herbal | Pepaya flowers | Carica papaya
Herbal | Kencur | Lesser galangal | Kaempferia galanga
Herbal | Temulawak | Curcuma xanthorrhiza

Clean all of those herbals under the flowing water. Slice kencur and temulawak. Boil all the materials in 500 cc water until the remaining 300 cc. when it is cold, strain and drink three times a day, 100 cc for each time, after you eat. Do this regularly for a consequtive 10 days. That’s my solution. Hopefully this herbal medication and treatment can cure your disease.***

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herbal peptic ulcer disease

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