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herbs for fertility
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herbs for fertility
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herbs for fertility
herbs for fertility
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Herbs For Fertility
Herbs For Fertility
herbs for fertility
herbs for fertility
herbs herbal herbs herbal
herbs herbal herbs herbal
herbs herbal herbs herbal
hrebs herbal hrebs herbal
Increasing fertility can be done in various ways. In addition to reproductive health care, it must also be selective in choosing the food as its solution and most importantly, in taking special herbs to increase fertility. In addition, unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits can affect female fertility. As a result, women find it difficult to conceive.

Fertility problems can be a problems for person who gets married. Some are even up to the stress in the short and long term because the couple did not immediately get a baby as they want. In order to increase fertility, having a healthy diet becomes a necessity. In addition, get rid of bad habits like smokingand drinking alcohol which is very detrimental to health. Instead, you can try a natural way in enhancing fertility by eating herbal foods as follows:

1. Lempuyang:
Lempuyang or puyang consists of several types, such as CVD, sweet and elephants lempuyang, all three have been known in the Java community and as herbal medicine in fertilising the uterus or womb. Therefore, it is not uncommon that people with such fertility problems are advised to consume such herbal plant, especially lempuyang CVD.

2. Sprouts.
Do you want to get more benefits than from green beans? Consumption of sprouts of mung bean itself regularly, which is commonly called as bean sprouts! The content of vitamin E in sprouts can improve your fertility.

3. Aromatic Ginger.

4. Young Coconut Water:
Known as an herbal remedy for relieving thirst in hot weather. Young coconut water is also effective as an herbal medicine to enhance fertility. Energy content per 100 grams of young coconut meat is quite large, 41-99 kcal. Young coconut meat contains omega-6 fatty acids, i.e. linoleat acids of about 200-300 mg/100 g of fruit flesh. In the body, linoleic acid can be converted into arachidonic acid (AA). This substance is important in supporting intelligence.

In addition, young coconut also contains protein, fat, and minerals. Nutrient composition of the young coconut water is very close to the composition of isotonic fluid, which is in accordance with body fluids. Therefore, young coconut water is similar to herbal modern isotonic drinks. Isotonic drinks are expected to replace minerals lost through sweating body during exercise.

The large enough content of potassium minerals in young coconut water can help remove toxic compounds from the body. Therefore, young coconut water is often used to neutralize toxins. Young coconut water also contains vitamin C which is required for protein and lysine hydroxylation to hydroxyproline, an important ingredient in the formation of collagen. Collagen is a protein compound that affects the structural integrity of all cells in the connective tissue that can increase the body's level of fertility.

5. Pegagan or Centella.
The active ingredient contained in gotu kola which is useful for herbal medicines is a substance called madecassosside which is capable of inducing the production of collagen in the body, and able to regenerate cells in the egg cell or ovum in female and regenerate the sperm cell in male. Other active substance of gotu kola is carotenoid which is useful as an antioxidant and maintain the quality of sperm and egg cells by protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Other herbal minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron contained in gotu kola also have a very important role for the health of the body. Include its fresh leaves as fresh herbal vegetables in the daily diet to get maximum results.

6. Basil or Kemangi.
Almost all the people of Indonesia and Southeast Asia know this one kind of herbal plants. Basil (O. basilicum var. anisatum Benth ) is known as an herbal vegetable added to fresh vegetables. Its popular benefit is to eliminate body odor and bad breath. However, it is not the only benefit of basil. There is a much greater benefit of basil, i.e. to strengthen the endurance of sperm. The benefit of strengthening the endurance of sperm is as a result of arginine content. Sperm which have great survival is necessary for the process of egg fertilization. In addition, the boron content in these herbs which is useful to stimulate the estrogen plays an important role in the female reproductive system.

7. Avocado.
This herbal fruit is no doubt, and many have recommended this plant as a herbal medicine to fertilise sperm quality of men, especially men who have a emaciated body and abnormal waist. In addition, when avocado is consumed on a regular basis, either in the form of juice or a mixed fruit salad, it can repair the menstrual cycle of women. With a more regular menstrual cycles, you can more easily calculate the time of ovulation.

8. Ginger.
Ginger is used as an herbal plant, whether in red, elephant, or CVD types, ginger is known as a herbal medicine for male fertility. There are many reasons of why men consume ginger, some because they want to increase libido, improving fertility or just as a hobby.

9. Watermelon.

10. Cucumber.
This fruit-like shaped vegetable is also known to nourish the womb, especially for women who have a uterus dry and waist pain oftenly. 4 pieces of cucumber in a day are enough to use as a herbal remedy for complaints of your fertility.

11. Coconut milk.
Coconut milk is known to improve sperm. Due to the powerful nature of the coconut milk, coconut milk may be made in any form, whether in curries, beverages and others. For men with a history of reproductive disorders due to abnormal uric acid, they should limit the amount of coconut milk to be consumed.

12. Ice cream.
Ice cream is great for men who have a history of back pain disorders and low sperm counts. But, it is not recommended for men who are obese and have low libido.

13. Cincao.
It is very beneficial for health and fertility, especially since it is still fresh. Usually, the processed product of such herb is added to slurry or ice.

14. Java Chili.
Java Chilli is widely used in traditional herbal medicine to strengthen and nourish the uterus.

15. Kebar Grass.
Kebar grass herbs can only be found in upland areas in Kebar, Manokwari district, West Papua province, Indonesia. Kebar grass is trusted by the local community to help fertility. And after research conducted by the University of Malang, it turns out that this herb contains a variety of substances that help improve the process of fertility in women.

16. Grains.
Grains are low-fat, high in fiber and iron, and vitamin B such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid, and minerals such as magnesium, selenium and potassium. A diet containing whole grains (no bleaching or polishing) may help lower blood cholesterol, the risk of coronary heart disease and constipation. Whole grains also help in weight management, this fiber will take you to the adequacy of vitamin B to support healthy metabolism, including improving your fertility levels.

17. Spinach.
This herb vegetable contains vitamin E which is capable of producing sex hormones in the body. In addition, spinach also contains manganese which facilitates the production of female hormone estrogen. Meanwhile, zinc content may help maintain the quality of libido and sperm production in men. Spinach is also rich in folic acid. Folate content of foods is advised to be mandatory for women who want to improve their reproductive fertility. And in regard to fertility, spinach contains zinc which can improve sperm count and sperm tails. Spinach is also rich in folic acid so that it becomes mandatory for women who want to improve their reproductive fertility.

18. Bignai.
Bignai fruit (Antidesma bunius L. Spreng.) in large cities is uncommon, but it is usually very well known by rural communities. Its leaves are often called mojar and in Indonesia, they are used for a mixture of health herbs. Young leave of this herb tastes a little sour and can be processed into vegetable cuisine or eaten raw as a salad. The fruit can be eaten directly or made into jam or syrup. In addition to improving fertility, the properties obtained from such herbal plants are also able to treat anemia, dirty blood, antihypertensives, palpitations, cough, and indigestion.

19. White Cumin.
White cumin (cuminum cyminum) in everyday life is often used for cooking. In addition, the cumin seeds are also used as a complementary ingredient of traditional herbal medicines. Cumin seeds have a fragrant and attractive aroma. Besides good for fertility, this herbal spice is also good for heart disease, unsmooth menstruation, and trouble sleeping.

20. Jewels of Opar.
Jewels of Opar (Talinum paniculatum (jacq.) Gaertn.) is often grown as an ornamental plant, as well as herbal medicinal plants. These herbal plants are sometimes found growing wild. Its roots are sweet and neutral which is efficacious to strengthen the lungs, tonic, and aphrodisiac. While its leaves are efficacious to increase appetite. Its roots are efficacious for treating irregular periods, vaginal discharge, and increase milk production.

21. Mugwort.
Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris Linn) is also called Baru Cina (in Indonesian) because these plants originated from China. In Indonesia, especially in Sumatra, people used to call it as Baru Cina or Sudamala. But, Moluccan people know it as kolo or goro-goro Cina. In the land of China itself, it is called Ai Ye. Mugwort also has another name, such as sweet leaf, cam cao (Jakarta), beunghar kucicing, jukut lokot mala (in Sundanese), suket gajahan (in Javanese).

This herbal plant is one of the herbal medicinal plants which are believed to treat various illnesses suffered by women. Such as excessive menstruation, menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea), irregular menstruation, prevent miscarriage (threatened abortion), excessive fetal movement, dysentery, leucorrhoea, ease childbirth, difficult to have children, vomiting blood (hematemesis), nosebleeds (epistaxis), intestinal bleeding (rectal haemorrhgia).

Various studies conducted by scientists continue to discover new drugs to enhance fertility. Because some drugs containing chemicals have side effects, then they finally get back to nature (back to nature) to find the properties of materials made from plant extracts (herbs) that can increase fertility. ***
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